Principles-to-Practices Leadership

August 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good advice from Switch & Shift:

This Leadership Framework Helped Lincoln Save the Union. You Should Try It.


“Leaders are leaders, regardless of their area of endeavor: business, the military, politics, charity, clubs; even family.

The lessons we learn from leaders in one arena are often at least as valuable as those from our own, because of the outside perspective they lend.

Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. To our knowledge, Switch and Shift has few politicians who are readers. But the lessons of this great politician span any field, including business.

There exists a wide consensus that Lincoln was America’s greatest President. He was inspirational, a surprisingly savvy politician, and above all humble (something most leaders in any realm could emulate). But more importantly than any personal characteristics, he got it – he understood how to achieve the mission he was called upon to perform.

How did Lincoln do it? He mastered what I call the ‘Principles-to-Practices Framework’. It goes like this:”

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